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Philosophy Pages

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This site offers helpful information for students of the Western philosophical tradition. The elements you will find on this site include:

The Dictionary of Philosophical Terms and Names.
A survey of the History of Western Philosophy.
A Timeline for the intellectual figures discussed here.
Detailed discussion of several major Philosophers
Summary treatment of the elementary principles of Logic
A generic Study Guide for students of philosophy.
Links to other philosophy Sites on the Internet.
A simple menu appears at the top of each page of this site, and since all of these documents are heavily interlinked with each other, it should be easy to pursue alternate paths through their content. Material from other Internet sites will always appear in a different browser window, so you won't lose your place in Philosophy Pages.

Visitors are welcome to browse and to make fair use of the copyrighted text found on these pages. When in doubt about the appropriateness of a contemplated use, please apply the principles stated in Peter Suber's excellent comments on copyright. If you quote anything directly in another setting, please include a complete citation in an appropriate form, and remember to check out the academic credentials of the author.

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